Published: 12/03/2018 10:16 - Updated: 12/03/2018 10:21

Row boat capsizes off Burghead


Burghead harbour
Burghead harbour
THE Coastguard were called out on Sunday morning after a rowing boat capsized off Burghead.


Five people were in the boat but managed to reach dry land themselves.

The club has released a statement which said: "Shortly before 11am the Tarbh Uisge was exiting Burghead harbour with a crew of four rowers and a cox when she was broached by a series of rollers.

"The first two rollers, which were breaking as they approached the skiff, unseated two of the rowers and upset the rowing rhythm.

"The third breaker shipped water into the boat and caused it to capsize. The crew exited safely and carried out the capsize drill at the instigation of the cox.

"Thankfully the boat was out on an ebb tide and, although the breakers carried her towards the shore, the crew found sand under their feet very quickly.

"The Coastguard had been alerted but the crew were safely on shore before they arrived. The local residents of Burghead helped the club members with the rescue and primary support.

"The skiff was recovered later that day at low tide again with the help of local residents.

"Although the incident caused concern at the time, the crew were safe and lessons have been learned which will only help to strengthen the club.

"The skiff is drying out and will not enter the water until a full check is made of her hull soundness later in the week."

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