Published: 17/03/2012 08:00 - Updated: 16/03/2012 15:39

Scooby Doo dog mystery

Written byby Craig Christie

THERE’S a mystery to solve at a Moray boarding kennel over why a wandering Scooby Doo look-alike can’t find a new home.

Elgin’s Brumley Brae kennels took in a young female stray, a Great Dane/ German Shepherd cross, at the beginning of this year, naming her Scooby because of her resemblance to the cartoon crime-fighting ‘mutt’.

Staff described the dog, who is less than two years old, as a loveable dog who has been slightly edgy about life at the kennels because she is not used to being around other animals.

Scooby needs a loving home, and despite attracting plenty of interest over the past three months, she has yet to find someone willing to take her in.

Kennels owner John MacKessack-Leitch says that larger dogs with a more nervous disposition are often harder to rehome, but hopes that a ‘Northern Scot’ reader will fall in love with her.

"Because of her size, she may be more suited to someone who lives in the countryside," he said. "She is quite timid, but we would love to find a home for her.

Staff believe Scooby would be ideally suited for a home where she was the only pet.

Brumley Brae kennels strays brought in by the Moray Council dog warden and Grampian Police, and has taken in a total of 188 in the past year.

Of those, 148 were reclaimed by their owners and 36 more were rehomed, either by staff, dog wardens or police.

The remainder include Scooby and another female called Moo, an older collie which arrived late last month. She is described as a placid dog which would settle quickly into a new home once she gets to know her owner.

More information on Brumley Brae’s stray pets is available on their website, by calling 01343 544411 or by visiting the kennels in Elgin.

Donna Cunningham (left) and Dawn Omand with Scooby Doo.
Donna Cunningham (left) and Dawn Omand with Scooby Doo.
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