Published: 01/12/2012 17:00 - Updated: 30/11/2012 14:36

Shake-up in Moray elderly care hailed success

A MAJOR change in the way Moray Council cares for elderly and frail people in their homes is being deemed a success, despite being in its early stages.

The new ‘re-ablement policy’, introduced in February this year, provides infirm people with the support they need so they can be independent, rather than rely exclusively on the help of home carers.

Elected members of the local authority’s health and social care services committee were told that the new switch in focus has created positive results.

Moray Council home care manager, Jacqui Short, told the meeting: "This is a huge change, both for staff and service-users.

"What we have done historically is that we have ‘done for’ people, rather than to let people take care of themselves.

"Some home carers go in and leave in a whirlwind because they are expected to do so much. We are supporting people to be more independent, and it’s a huge trend change for our service.

"The feedback we have had from service-users has been very positive, and people have become more independent, and that’s better for us."

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