Published: 25/01/2018 09:34 - Updated: 25/01/2018 09:46

Syrian refugees in Moray no longer need intensive support

Syrian Refugees no longer need intensive supportSYRIAN Refugees in Moray no longer need such intensive support after a successful resettlement scheme.

A committee meeting for Moray Council was held on Tuesday January 16 where the Chief Executive of the Moray Council said that the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement has been successfully completed.

Chief Executive, Roddy Burns, said: "I would just like to pay attention to the successful completion of the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme.

"I would just like to thank members, staff and the community planning partners for making this possible and I just want to thank everyone."

There was concern by the Chair of the Moray Council, George Alexander, who is the Councillor in Forres, who questioned the completion of the scheme by asking if the Syrians are completely left by themselves or if they are still getting input from the council.

Mr Burns replied with: "I am pleased to say that the success is measured by the fact that they are simply like any other member of the community and access and use services like any other member of the community.

"The intensity of the support is no longer required and that is very much to their request and I think that they would like to thank the community.

"There is now a lot of reciprocal work going on in schools in terms of sharing in languages and culture."

There was initially 19 refugees taken into Moray in 2016 and since then two members of the five families have been born, therefore making it 21.

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