Published: 16/03/2018 11:28 - Updated: 16/03/2018 11:42

What's the happy coincidence linking Raymond and Riley?

raymond petersTHEY were born seven decades apart and are not related – but coincidence links Raymond Peters and little Riley Cunningham.

Raymond, a former RAF man who went on to work at Walkers for many years, was looking for a way to celebrate his 70th birthday earlier this year.

He explained: "When you get to my age, you don’t want or need presents. So I was already thinking of asking for people to donate money to a charity instead.

"Then I saw an item on TV about someone donating Ipads to the neo-natal unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

"The idea was that the mums could use them to keep in contact with their families if they were staying in hospital for along time, and vice versa.

"I thought this was brilliant and the upshot was that I ended up getting in touch and asking what else they needed."

‘Miniboos’ was the answer Raymond got from staff at the unit.

Similar to comfort blankets, they play an important role in the mother/baby bonding process.

A miniboo smelling of the mum is placed in the incubator next to a baby who is too delicate to be handled.

Research from midwives has shown this lowers its blood pressure.

Meanwhile, another miniboo carrying the scent of the baby is also given to the mother. If she is breast feeding, this help to get the milk flowing.

Raymond decided to hold a 70th birthday party and use any proceeds to buy as many packs of miniboos as possible.

The day of the party was on January 20, and that morning Raymond called across the road to invite along his neighbour Alan Rennie.

However, Alan had to give his apologies and refuse as he had just received some worrying news. His grand-daughter Nicole had just given birth nine weeks premature.

It turned out she was in Aberdeen at the same neo-natal unit for which Raymond was raising money.

Happily, after more than a month in hospital, little Riley Cunningham has now been allowed out and is coming along very well at the family home in Grange.

And Raymond’s party?

It managed to raise a very impressive £1340 – enough to pay for 66 packs of miniboos for the unit, plus another one for Riley.

Raymond joked: "It’s a got a lot of money donated, but then I made sure to invite a lot of alcoholics so I knew things would go well."

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