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Shocks in Moray Council elections

THE votes are counted, and there will be new faces throughout Moray on aday of shock council results.

There was a shock defeat for Dave Stewart
There was a shock defeat for Dave Stewart

Heldon and Laich's David Stewart is one of the most surprising casualties, as he failed in his re-election attempt.

Mr Stewart, chairman of the Save RAF Lossiemouth Campaign, was the biggest casualty.

Mr Stewart was too emotional to speak afterwards.

SNP Group Leader Pearl Paul said: "Nobody has done more for Lossiemouth than Dave Stewart. He has been an excellent voice for the town."

Moray MSP Richard Lochhead admitted: "The SNP success in this election has been soured by the loss of Dave Stewart.

"This is very clearly not a personal vote against Dave Stewart given his popularity with the public.

"There are lessons to be learned from the SNP about how we get our message across."

Newly elected SNP member for Fochabers-Lhanbryde, Margo Howe, making a return to the Moray Council chamber for the first time in over a decade, added: "I am gutted for Dave. I am really sick for him because he has done so much for Lossiemouth."

Incumbent councillors John Sharp (SNP in Elgin North), Jeff Hamilton (Independent in Forres), Irene Ogilvie (SNP in Forres) and Anita McDonald (SNP in Fochabers Lhanbryde) were also unsuccesful.

The final tally gives Moray 10 Independent councillors and 10 for the SNP. The Conservatives and Labour will have three apiece.

The final results, pictures of the successful candidates, and a summary for each ward, are detailed below.



30.6% turnout.

Elected are:

Barry Jarvis (Scottish Labour) - Elected at stage 1

Mike Shand (SNP) - Elected at stage 3

Patsy Gowans (SNP) - Elected at stage 5

In Elgin City North, first elected is Barry Jarvis of Scottish Labour. He was followed by Mike Shand and Patsy Gowans of the SNP.

Both Mr Shand and Mr Jarvis were standing for re-election. Mrs Gowans fills the space vacated by former Independent Councillor John Russell, who did not stand in 2012.


31.2% turnout. Quota was 715

Elected are:

John Divers (Scottish Labour) - Elected at stage 1

James Allan (Scottish Conservative) - Elected at stage 2

Graham Leadbitter (SNP) - Elected at stage 2 

In Elgin South, both John Divers and Graham Leadbitter have been re-elected. James Allan ousted John Sharp (SNP), who was elected to Moray Council in a by-election which followed the death of Independent Councillor Alastair Bisset.



40.9% turnout.

Elected are:

George Alexander (Independent) - Elected at stage 1

Aaron McLean (SNP) - Elected at stage 6

Lorna Cresswell (Independent) - Elected at stage 8

Anne Skene (Independent) - Elected at stage 10 

There's big changes in Forres, where incumbent councillors Irene Ogilvie (SNP) and Jeff Hamilton (Independent) failed in their bids for re-election. It leaves Lorna Cresswell, who came top of a by-election in 2010, as the only incumbent back at the council table. George Alexander was elected first in Forres, and as well as Ms Cresswell, he is joined by Aaron McLean and Anne Skene.


38.7% turnout.

Elected are:

Eric McGillivray (Independent) - Elected at stage 2

Carolle Ralph (SNP) - Elected at stage 2

Chris Tuke (Independent) - Elected at stage 6

Allan Wright (Scottish Conservative) - Elected at stage 6

The big casualty in Heldon and Laich is David Stewart (SNP), who failed in his bid for re-election. Eric McGillivray and Allan Wright will both return as councillors, and they will be joined by first-time elected members Carolle Ralph and Chris Tuke. Councillor John Hogg (Independent) chose not to run in 2012.


39.6% turnout.

Elected are:

Fiona Murdoch (Independent) - Elected at stage 1

Pearl Paul (SNP) - Elected at stage 1

Michael McConachie (SNP) - Elected at stage 3.

It's as you were in Speyside Glenlivet, with Fiona Murdoch, Pearl Paul and Michael McConachie all successful in their attempts to be re-elected.


39.8% turnout

Elected are:

Gary Coull (SNP) - Elected at stage 1

Ron Shepherd (Independent) - Elected at stage 3

Stewart Cree (Independent) - Elected at stage 5

Voters in Keith and Cullen also selected the status quo, with Gary Coull, Ron Shepherd and Stewart Cree securing enough votes for re-election.


34.4% turnout

Elected are:

Gordon McDonald (SNP) - Elected at stage 1

Anne McKay (Independent) - Elected at stage 1

Joe Mackay (Independent) - Elected at stage 4

The electorate in Buckie is also happy with its local politicians, voting back in Gordon McDonald, Anne McKay and Joe Mackay.





43.2% turnout

Elected are:

Douglas Ross (Scottish Conservative) - Elected at stage 1

Margo Howe (SNP) - Elected at stage 4

Sean Morton (Scottish Labour) - Elected at stage 4

Incumbent Douglas Ross was first to be elected in Fochabers Lhanbryde, with Margo Howe and Sean Morton following close behind. Anita McDonald (SNP) failed in her re-election attempt. Former convener George McIntyre (Independent) did not stand.

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