Published: 15/02/2017 10:11 - Updated: 15/02/2017 10:16

Yousaf backs crackdown on uninsured vehicles


Transport Minister Humza Yousaf
Transport Minister Humza Yousaf

A TOTAL of 206 uninsured vehicles have been seized in a week-long police crackdown.

Police Scotland said the seized cars and vans were identified using a combination of mobile and roadside detectors.

Superintendent Fraser Candlish said: "These figures demonstrate that there are still some drivers who continue to drive their vehicle without proper insurance cover. Although the campaign has now ended, we will continue to stop those drivers using uninsured vehicles and remove their vehicles from the roads."

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf, who himself was caught driving without insurance in December, backed the crackdown.

"I hope my example reminds others to check their policies to make sure they are properly insured at all times of the year.

"The Scottish Government is committed, through Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020, to achieving safer road travel in Scotland through a partnership approach

I remain committed to my work to striving towards the challenging casualty reduction targets set out in the Framework."


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