Published: 30/01/2013 10:21 - Updated: 30/01/2013 10:43

SFL clubs discuss league revamp

ELGIN City will be one of 29 Scottish Football League (SFL) clubs discussing the league reconstruction proposals on Thursday.

City director Martyn Hunter. Photo by Bob Crombie.
City director Martyn Hunter. Photo by Bob Crombie.

The Scottish Premier League member clubs unanimously opted for a 12-12-18 league set up earlier this week.

The SFL clubs will discuss the proposed change at a meeting at Hampden Park tomorrow morning. Rangers, current leaders of the third division, do not have a vote on the matter as the new club, established following liquidation last year for the Glasgow giants, is only an associate member.

However, it is likely to be the end of February before the SFL will take a formal vote on the issue.

The proposed change will see the SPL and SFL merge into one governing body.

City director Martyn Hunter and chairman Graham Tatters will represent Elgin at the meeting.

Hunter said: "We have received some briefing papers but this is going to be our first discussion with other clubs about them. We will listen to what is said and then come back and discuss it with our board.

"We also need to listen to the views of our stakeholders and supporters."

Hunter admitted he was surprised that SPL clubs had voted unanimously for the new set up, having heard there may have been some difference of opinion among the top flight clubs.

The proposed change would see a switch to three leagues, with the top two leagues of 12 splitting into three leagues of eight after 22 games, playing off for the title, promotion and relegation respectively.

One of the main concerns is the prospect of the new 12-12-18 set up being introduced for next season, which would render the third division championship and play-offs irrelevant this term.

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