Published: 06/01/2012 15:33 - Updated: 06/01/2012 15:36

Grant Jeans bids to keep career on track

Written byby Chris Saunderson

ULTRA distance athlete Grant Jeans is hoping to find a sponsor in 2012 to keep his career on track.

With no money available from Scottish Athletics in the coming year for ultra runners, Jeans, from Elgin, faces a testing time unless he can find support from elsewhere.

Grant Jeans in action
Grant Jeans in action

The National 100km champion and Scottish Ultra Marathon Series winner is desperate to keep progressing.

"I have done quite well over the last few years. I am now established at international level having run for Scotland and Great Britain," he said.

"Despite injury problems, I have reached a world championships, become national 100km champion and won and retained the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series. I can do so much more, but a sponsor would be a big help."

He only received financial support from Scottish Athletics for two races in 2010 and one in 2011.

Jeans (28) earns a living as a part-time postman in Glasgow, where he has studied and worked for the last few years, and also does some work with professional boxing promotions with Alex Arthur Promotions, guaranteeing VIP ringside seats for sponsors.

"For someone willing to offer financial sponsorship, I would print their logo on to the front and back of my running vests and other running attire. The only races this wouldn’t be allowed is when representing Great Britain and Scotland."

He needs support to pay for entry fees, travelling to and from competitions and accommodation.

"Most of the people I compete against don’t have any trouble getting Saturday off work – if they even have to work a Saturday – and I lose money every time I race on a Saturday.

"I often face a race against time itself, travelling south for some events after finishing work on a Saturday. This gives opponents a bit of an advantage and I just want to narrow the gap," added Jeans, who was back in Moray over the festive period.

His recent success has come against the backdrop of recurring injury and being out for almost four years.

"There were times when I didn’t think I would run again as I kept tearing my peroneal tendons. However, Lindsay McKerrow at Moray Osteopaths was able to help me by advising I wear orthotics.

"I was fortunate that my parents were able to support me by buying them as they are expensive and I was still a student at the time."

He has an agreement in place to receive free injury treatment at Hampden Park in the coming year so that is one cost fewer he has to worry about.

"I have had major back trouble over the last two years but still managed to compete at a high level and win races far more often than not."

Anyone who would like to support Jeans in 2012 can contact him on 07810 496 881 or by e-mail at

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