Published: 26/06/2014 20:00 - Updated: 26/06/2014 16:57

Niall ready to risk all for Commonwealth dream

NIALL Cameron is gunning for Commonwealth glory at Glasgow.

Niall Cameron will be at Glasgow 2014.
Niall Cameron will be at Glasgow 2014.

The table tennis ace, from Elgin, has been selected for the Scottish team for next month’s games.

The former Elgin Academy pupil is thrilled to be taking part in a home games, 12 years after he last represented his country in the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

Ranked No.4 in Scotland, Cameron was part of the national team which won a bronze at last year’s Commonwealth Championships in Delhi.

“It is pretty special to be selected,” London-based Cameron told ‘The Scot’. “Being a home games adds a little spice and extra motivation.”

Read the full interview with Cameron in 'The Scot' print version.

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