Published: 07/03/2014 09:00 - Updated: 12/01/2015 15:11

Strathspey Railway

Join Strathspey Railway throughout the year for special events, tours, treasure hunts and dining on board as you steam through the stunning Scottish Highlands on board one of our special steam engines.

Home to Britain's highest and most massive mountain range, its biggest and best ancient forests, vast moorlands, fields and villages, rivers and lochs, red squirrels, reindeer, ospreys, eagles and wildcats in the woods, and 25% of Britain's threatened species, the Cairngorms National Park boasts a truly stunning catalogue of nature, culture and heritage. And what better way to explore this stunning locale, than on board one of our special, vintage engines.

One of the biggest changes in the Cairngorms came with the railways and the Victorians' love of the Highlands, so step onboard our genuine, traditional carriages for a special trip through the National Park on a railway line that continues to offer the most vintage, authentic trip, just as it did more than a century and a half ago!

Our Heritage Railway boasts an incredible history, including a steam engine that dates back to 1899, another which was involved in the first ever rail accident attributed to the blackout of the Second World War, and a diesel that celebrated its special 50th anniversary last year. Coupled with the original, authentic carriages, Strathspey Railway offers the most vintage, idyllic trip through the Highlands.

For a full list of events, specials and tours available at Strathspey Railway, and to book your next trip on board, visit

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