Published: 19/03/2014 16:16 - Updated: 09/03/2014 16:26

Aussie DJ Splinta guests for Gearbox

Aussie DJ Splinta will guest at the latest Gearbox event.
Aussie DJ Splinta will guest at the latest Gearbox event.

THE man behind hard dance Highland brand Gearbox International is back with his second weekender event – and high hopes in a national set of awards next month.

Philip ‘Desudo’ Macdonald was one of those pioneering hard dance in the Highlands.

"Gearbox has solidified its reputation in hard dance. In fact one of the biggest names in hard dance - Kutski - said this about us in DJ magazine ‘This label has really been leading the way in UK hard dance sounds delivering consistent and diverse releases covering the full spectrum of hard dance’.

"I was really, really happy with that. But the feedback from everyone now has been superb.

"At the upcoming hard music dance awards at The Ideal Weekender in Southport in April, I think we might have a good chance of winning hard dance label of the year award. Apparently a lot of people on the hard dance scene are touting Gearbox.

"And it would be great if people who know us would go and vote for us at the link below – Gearbox Digital - you don’t have to vote for all the other genres or categories on the voting form if you just wanted to support Gearbox.

"We’re also putting ourselves in for he hard style label and best podcast of the year categories."

And Phil is also doing his second Gearbox Weekender at Karma Lounge, Inverness, on March 28 and 29.

"We’ve called it Gearbox Weekender 2.0," said Phil. "We’ve got two Australian DJs on their UK debut tour making their first appearance in Scotland.

"Splinta is probably leading the way in hard dance sound in the world right now – he’ one of the most forward-thinking artist that there is. Splinta is working on our new Gearbox anthem just now, I’m doing the vocals with this really broad Scottish accent, but he ended up using the,!

"Also Rufio is coming over from Australia and we have Sykesy – he played at a Gearbox event before and was fantastic and has played at Creamfields.

"From the north of England there will also be Re-Tech, Ric Henderson, Quinny and Vontek and lots of other locals too.

"We’ve timed the event for a massive Gearbox fan Raymond Gold’s 21st birthday.


The Gearbox Weekender 2.0 is on at Karma Lounge on March 28 and 29. There may be buses running for the event, so keep in touch on 2.0 and on Twitter: @gearboxdigital If you want to vote for Gearbox in the hard dance awards, go to:

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