Published: 07/08/2014 17:56 - Updated: 07/08/2014 19:18

BELLA Seedlings 4: Cryptic Keys

Rhia Innes, Mike MacGillivray and Dail MacDonald of Cryptic Keys. Picture: Gary Anthony
Rhia Innes, Mike MacGillivray and Dail MacDonald of Cryptic Keys. Picture: Gary Anthony



Cryptic Keys were formed in Inverness when a group of friends - guitarist Mike MacGillivray, singer Dail MacDonald and singer Rhia Innes were jamming at a house party. They clicked, up-beat acoustic music followed. They say they like to focus on the lyrics, meaning and story behind each song that they write and take advantage of the male and female voices by telling their story from two different perspectives. Below, Mike answers some of Margaret Chrystall's questions. And have you heard Jumping Trains and Wreck The Hoose Juice?


1 Name your three fave acts seen at Belladrum and why they're your favourites?

Mike: The three favourite acts I’ve seen at Belladrum over the years have to be Editors, Guillemots and, of course, Biffy Clyro back in 2006 – which was mind-blowing. It was my first time seeing Biffy live and when one of them threw his guitar, it just missed my napper when he threw it in the crowd...fantastic!

2 What is your favourite festival moment ever ie funniest, saddest camping moment, most romantic encounter, most life-changing music moment, worst weather, most surreal experience?

Mike: Funniest camping moment has to to be from RockNess when we witnessed this rather larger guy throwing his bodyweight onto a beach ball whilst going downhill to be bounced in a heap, followed by cheers from hundreds of adoring campers. This lasted 30 minutes, then he burnt himself out.

Saddest moment is when we woke up after the festival had finished and the rain couldn’t have been heavier.Wet socks, no food, no booze, little money, no energy or voices...result of a good weekend.

3 What one thing would you tell people to take to Bella?

Mike: A boom box for the campsite.


Cryptic Keys are playing BelladrumSeedlings Stage on Saturday - and below you can have a listen to their Jumping Trains and then get a wee swally of their rather addictive Wreck The Hoose Juice:

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