Published: 07/08/2014 19:19 - Updated: 07/08/2014 20:05

BELLA Seedlings 5: Dagny



Dagny Norvol Sandvikfrom Tromsø  - a songbird from the North.


1 Have you been to Belladrum before?

Dagny: This is my first time at Belladrum and I’m very excited! My first performance that I can think of was at a festival in Tromsø (Norway) called Døgnvillfestivalen. I played synth and backing vocals for an electronica band called F.A.C.E. I was terrified and it was so much fun!

2 Name your three fave acts seen there and maybe a two-word wee description/ haiku-ette of their performance and why it was so good?

Dagny: At Døgnvillfestivalen I was so nervous and focused on my own guest performance that I think I missed out on the rest of the line-up! Now I make lists of bands I wanna see at festivals, I won’t miss out on a whole line-up ever again!

3 What is your favourite festival moment ever ie funniest, saddest camping moment, most romantic encounter most life-changing music moment etc etc worst weather most surreal

Dagny: Because it’s still so fresh in mind and my first English festival experience I’m gonna go with the Isle of Wight Festival this year. I got to play two gigs, I had all my best friends with me, sunny weather and general good times! It was also my first festival in a tent ever. SO many good moments!

4 What one thing would you tell people to take to Belladrum?

Dagny:You’re going to a festival! Leave your phone at home and bring a disposable camera.

5 If the schedule allows (ie you aren’t playing at the same time) will you be going to see Tom Jones if you are there on the Friday – and if you could request one song from him, what would it be and why!?

Dagny: I’m not there unfortunately! Though we’re going to try so hard to come up early and see him. It would be great to just hear all of classics. There’s so many!

Dagny plays Belladrum Seedlings Stage on Saturday and you can see her new video I Say below.


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