Published: 29/07/2014 12:48 - Updated: 29/07/2014 13:07

Darth Elvis & The Imperials to play "The Eagle"; should demand "The Falcon" renaming

Written byWhat's On Inverness

Darth Elvis
Darth Elvis finds your lack of groove disturbing.

By and large, we at What's On North try to be as informative as possible when it comes to gig previews – considering that there are a lot of, for example, acoustic singer-songwriters, we have to find the unique qualities beyond the chords and finger-pickin' melodies that make such an act a must-see.

This one? Not so much with the careful parsing of sound. How are we meant to do that with a Star Wars-themed Elvis Presley Tribute Band. Frankly, if you don't want to see them, you're wrong – this is obviously the greatest thing ever.

The gimmick goes beyond the music; right down to the official band biography, which will now be quoted from in full for reasons that will quickly become apparent:

“In 1977 Elvis didn't die – he turned to the dark side of the Force and ever since he has been playing music venues around the Outer Rim Territory. The time has come for the Dark King of the Sith & his band of Imperials to return to the Galaxy where he is best known.”

I mean, come on. This is going to be so great.

They play The Eagle Bar on Saturday August 2nd, for one night only, before a string of packed-out gigs at the Mos Eisley Cantina.

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