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Finding Albert Q&A: "We're partial to a Burger King."

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Finding Albert
Finding Albert

Dumfries indie-rock five-piece Finding Albert will be heading north this weekend for a series of Caithness dates - playing at Wick's Blackstairs' Lounge on Saturday 30th and the Y-Not Bar & Grill in Thurso on Sunday 31st.

Have you played in Caithness before?

We’ve played Wick before - we were lucky enough to play at BFest last year, which was fantastic - but this will be our first show in Thurso. We can’t wait - any time we’ve played up North, we’ve had such a great response, so we’re really looking forward to it.

How would you describe your style of music?

A mixture of a lot of influences: but primarily high-energy, guitar-driven indie.

What can audiences expect from your set?

It’s quite a diverse range of music we play - we like really playing with the dynamics of the show, in that we can go from breakneck guitar-heavy songs into acoustic piano tracks, and hopefully it all kind of works! The entire band, our tracks, the recordings - everything is based around the live-show, so we hope people enjoy it.

What’s the most memorable gig you’ve played at and been to, and why?

Played at: actually a few contenders this year. Our hometown show after our European tour was amazing - playing to 1,000 people. Our last King Tuts show was incredibly fun, and just this weekend, our mainstage slot at Wickerman Festival was really enjoyable too. As for best gig I’ve been to: for personal reasons, The Good, The Bad & The Queen at SxSW a few years ago was pretty special - seeing Damon Alburn, a hero of mine, in such close quarters was amazing. That’s stuck with me probably more than any other gig. Honourable mentions for Biffy Clyro and Muse.

Have you ever had anything strange thrown at you on stage?

[Guitarist] Irv has had all manner of things thrown at him - mostly clothes of some description. Me, I’ve actually not had anything out of the ordinary - yet. However, a few weeks ago, we played a festival in Brentwood, Essex, and the stage was so wet that I slipped and ended up totally hitting the deck. Never done that before. A touch embarrassing in front of a few thousand people!

What’s the first album you remember buying?

It was Oasis, What’s The Story (Morning Glory). Which admittedly sounds like I’ve made it up, but it genuinely was. My second was Robbie Williams, Life Thru a Lens though, so that balances it out a little!

Who was your music idol growing up?

David Bowie. Still is, hugely. Also loved Elton John, The Cure, Muse, Travis… always had a love for ‘big’ songs.

When you’re on the road, is there anything you can’t live without?

We’re partial to a Burger King. To put it mildly. We have a print-off in the van of all the service-station Burger Kings in the UK, which now I talk about it, seems fairly intense. Home-comforts-wise though, we’re pretty easy - given the bare essentials, we’re fine.

What has been your biggest musical success so far? And where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I think playing our album launch show last year was probably the biggest success we’ve had - having 1,000 people attend your show is an incredible feeling, and something that we've worked really hard to make possible, so to see it come together like that was amazing. In five-years time? Who knows! As longs as we’re still writing, recording, touring, we’ll be happy.

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

Not a lot, probably. Hanging out with people in bands. Watching bands. As long as I still had music in my life in some major way, I’d be pretty content.

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