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'Grandmaster Flash bought our album' say hip hop duo

Hector Bizerk - drummer Audrey Tait and Louie.
Hector Bizerk - drummer Audrey Tait and Louie. Pic: Euan Robertson


Hector Bizerk are Glasgow hip hop duo Audrey Tait and Louie on vocals who return to Inverness tomorrow and also appear in Fort William on Saturday. The duo's debut album Drums. Rap.Yes last year won praise and they are now working on their second having expanded the line-up by two. Before Hector Bizerk, Louie earned a great reputation as a solo MC - and a YouTube presence as a skilled battler. He answers some of Margaret Chrystall's questions ...


1 You were due up in Inverness in December, but you had a car breakdown and didn't make it. It couldn’t have been much fun – as I recall that night was freezing!

Aye, that wasn’t one of my finer moments of 2012. We broke down just after Stirling. The roads were pretty aggressive with ice and I’m definitely better at songwriting than I am at driving. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I was gutted to miss the show, but looking forward to making amends this time round!


2 What has Hector Bizerk been up to recently and what are your fondest plans so far for 2013?

We have been working on a follow-up album to Drums.Rap.Yes. It’s quite exciting to get our teeth into the new material with Jen (synth/percussion/backing vocals) and Fraser (bass) on board for the writing process. We’ve played a few incredible shows this year too. Our first headline show this year received a five star review in The Skinny magazine which was quite an accolade for us. We also played with Grandmaster Flash recently and he was right into our music too. He even bought our album!

3 If you were going to encourage someone who didn’t know much about Hector Bizerk to come along and see you, what would you say to them?

I would encourage anyone with an open mind to come and see our live show. We put a lot of energy into our performance and take pride in the fact we can win over just about any audience, whether they are into hiphop or not.

Also, Audrey will frighten the life out of any other drummer in the audience to the extent they will need to go home and work on their drumming. She is THAT good. You will not see a better drummer!


4 Is the future of hip hop looking different in any way to you from the perspective of March (nearly) 2013?!

In Scotland, hiphop has always had a warm underground scene and that continues to go from strength to strength. We are relaunching Loosely Speakin’ rap battles at King Tuts in March. There are loads of young emcees and beat makers emerging and it’s nice to have an opportunity to open doors for others. We are looking for battlers 21 and under.

There is an exceptional berth of talented emcees, producers, BBoys and DJs all putting out quality music right now. If people want to find it it’s easily accessible on the internet.

Hector Bizerk, Skeleton Verse and Great White Elephant play the Market Bar, Inverness, on Friday and The Crofter, Fort William, on Saturday.

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