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Heat 3 Preview: The Eagle Battle Of The Bands

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Eagle battle of the bands
The "Heat" is on - great puns, everyone!


Look, chaps, I don't know what to tell you. We were going to do previews for the first two heats, but then Hogmanay happened and we all drank far too much Lambrini. We all make mistakes. Forgive us? Anyway, here's a look at Heat 3's contestants and what they'll be bringing.

Rabbit Punch

Rock music with bite, Rabbit Punch's first gig at the Ironworks Showcase was quite the success. Their music flits between the riff-friendly classic rock and the more politically charged punk music, all held together by their semi-frantic vocalist, Scott Macbain. There's even elements of prog – the songs played at the Ironworks showcase changes in speed and time signature – but they're at their best when they're angry (“Kill For The Money” in particular is just some brilliant in-your-face rock). Despite being a new prospect, they're one to watch, definitely.

Susanna Wolfe

Dingwall-based singer songwriter whose recent album, Love Is A Hunger, is the recipient of some good buzz on the ol' interwebs. Her songs tend towards the country-western, however there is plenty of variety on display – “Losing Side” in particular veering into some rather sultry Macy Grey-esque R&B. The songs are often tales of love and loss, something that Susanna sells really well with her voice – she can be as vulnerable as she can be sultry as she can be strong.

Bite Night

Ugh - see, chaps, we have this thing called an internet for a reason. We use it to discover things about local artists to provide our largely-rubbish opinions. Bite Night have no such web presence, so we have to base this preview off assumptions about their name alone – obviously this band are a group of vampires who have reformed from blood-sucking monsters into rock stars. Like Anne Rice undead strumpet Lestat, but from the Highlands. So they pronounce it “Lesta'h, eh?”

No video, sorry chaps. You'll just have to go and see them for yourself. Much like we will.

Heat 3 of The Eagle's Battle Of The Band contest takes place on Friday 10th. If you're an aspiring musician currently beating your chest with rage having not entered, don't worry – we have our own contest where you can win a slot at Belladrum Festival! For more information, go to

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