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Heat 4 Preview: The Eagle Battle Of The Bands

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band for battle of the band
It was the "Heat" of the moment - ugh, just awful.


Let's have a look at who's coming up in Heat 4 of the Eagle's Battle of the Bands...

Hired Guns

Fort William-based heavy metal band that draw heavy (a-HA) amounts of inspiration from Iron Maiden, Hired Guns are a pleasing mix of chugging riffs and harmonised guitar solos – much like Iron Maiden. In fact, there's a rather nice sense of nostalgia to them – they hark back to the NWOBHM-era of rock where everything, and I mean everything, was about having riffs you could stomp to and a singer who could wail like a harmonious banshee. Hired Guns have both of these in abundance, and they're definitely something to look forward to.


The Caspians

From 70s metal to 90s alt-rock, The Caspians sound like a slightly rockier version of Pavement crossed with every Californian punk band of that decade. While it may sound like I'm damning with faint praise here, they are actually rather good, with catchy riffs a-plenty and good, clean vocals. I can't really add too much more here – just check them out for yourself, why don't you?


Dylan Tierney

He's sixteen, alright? When discussing Dylan, nobody seems to be able to get beyond the fact that he's “only” sixteen. "Ooh, he's so young, look at the wee man and his songs, most sixteen year olds cause guitars to spontaniously combust in their hands, dontcherknow." This attitude both patronises and denigrates the man's fine musical talents. There's a reason that his song “Do You Ever Think?” became popular on YouTube – it's a brilliant and beautiful song written in tribute to his late mother sung with utter conviction and passion. Check him out.


Heat 4 of The Eagle's Battle Of The Band contest takes place on Friday 11th. If you're an aspiring musician currently beating your chest with rage having not entered, don't worry – we have our own contest where you can win a slot at Belladrum Festival! For more information, go to

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