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Heat 6 Preview: The Eagle Battle Of The Bands

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"Heat" pun here - I've given up.


The last chance for bands to progress in the Battle Of The Bands is a bumper edition – FOUR whole acts competing for your love and affection. Let's have a look at who they are.

All The Colors

Despite the fact that they lose several million points from the start for Americanising their own name, All The ColoUrs (see, was that so hard?) are a rock band with some natty bratty vocals, decent harmonies and nice pop-rock riffs. They also, as we shall see below, have a music video that looks really professional. Let's check them out below. You won't regret it. Seriously, don't Americanise your names though chaps, it's silly. Yes I do get hung up on ridiculous things, what of it?

Devil's Queen

It's a shame that there's no recorded music up by this band yet – the buzz that's built up around them over the last two years makes them out to be something quite exceptional. Unfortunately that's all I have to go on – but from what I've been reading they're basically mosh-heavy rock 'n roll, which sounds just all kinds of awesome. They're planning to release an EP in the coming months and I for one will be eagerly anticipating it.

(did you not read the preview, they've got no recorded material. Keep on scrollin')

Cryptic Keys 

These chaps are awfully busy this weekend – on the Friday they're playing as part of a Hoots band showcase, and the next day, they fight for their Battle Of The Band lives. Inverness-based Cryptic Keys are a slice of acoustic loveliness with good harmonies and great, introspective lyrics. Check them out – if you like them you can spend an entire weekend stalking them!*

*please don't do this, I don't want this on my conscience.

A Promise To No-One

Seeing as I was being pedantic about spelling earlier, let's continue this trend and point out that “No-One” shouldn't be hyphenated. Come on lads, you can do better. Now then: A Promise To No Space One, from Stornaway of all places, are really quite great. They're rock, and unashamedly so, with a singer who knows how to emphasis when to sing cleanly (and very nicely he does too) and when to growl like a lawnmower chewing up empty air. Their music is designed to cause cricks in the neck due to an over-abundance of headbanging.

(they have all their songs up on Facebook. Unfortunately I can't embed, but we've linked to them so NO EXCUSES.)

Heat 6 of The Eagle's Battle Of The Band contest takes place on Saturday 18th. If you're an aspiring musician currently beating your chest with rage having not entered, don't worry – we have our own contest where you can win a slot at Belladrum Festival! For more information, go to

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