Published: 08/02/2013 15:07 - Updated: 07/02/2013 15:11

Lossie singer previews dementia show in Inverness

Tackling dementia in song: Tish Tindall.
Tackling dementia in song: Tish Tindall.

HIGHLAND music fans will get the jump on a star-studded London audience when Lossiemouth singer-songwriter Tish Tindall performs a warm-up show in Inverness this weekend.

Tindall’s one-woman show, " Who Cares", is Tindall’s very personal response to the challenge of living with dementia and is inspired by her partner’s mother, Susan Parker, who was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of just 57.

Tindall and partner Diane Aspinall run the Lossiemouth based Rock Academy of the performing arts and Tindall used her musical skills as her response to Parker’s illnes and the impact dementia has on the patient’s family.

From her first song on the subject, "I Remember", Tindall has gone on to develop a one woman show, "Remember Love".

Although the show deals with a lot of the difficult issues commonly faced by those left to care for loved ones, Tindall’s intention is that it does so in an upbeat and positive way that allows like-minded people to come together to come together and celebrate experiences and memories and to provide a forum of support.

"My idea was to do try to do whatever I could to raise the profile of this dreadful condition in a positive way and I hope that my show has done just that," she said.

"When the Prime Minister Dave Cameron said dementia is a national crisis and awareness of it is shockingly low, he was dead right. I am now fully focused on taking my message to all four corners of the UK and hope that my show will, in some small way, help others in a similar position to Diane and I."

She is now looking for sponsorship to allow her to take her musical message around the UK.

She has received many messages of support from high profile personalities, including broadcasters Alasdair Stewart and Fiona Philips and Angus Robertson, head of the SNP group at Westminster, all of whom Tindall hopes will attend her London show at the Radisson Blu Hotel on Tuesday 19th February.

Aspinall is fully supportive of Tindall’s project.

"It is the feeling of being utterly helplessness that I find is the most difficult emotion to deal with," she said.

"My mother gave birth to me, raised me and made into the person I am today – all with unrelenting love. To be unable to do anything in return, for me, is devastating.

"Initially, I wasn’t convinced by Tish’s idea, but the end result is truly wonderful and brought tears to my eyes when I hear the final version. I really hope that we are able to take ‘Remember Love’ to all four corners of the UK."

• Tish Tindall will be appearing upstairs at The Eagle Bar, Baron Taylor’s Street, Inverness, on Saturday 7th February at 7.30pm. Free entry.

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