Published: 22/11/2012 12:24 - Updated: 22/11/2012 12:34

Meet gig guests Angry vs The Bear

The band plays Mad Hatters, Inverness, on Saturday.
The band plays Mad Hatters, Inverness, on Saturday.


Angry Vs The Bear arrive at Mad Hatters, Inverness, on Saturday to share their "frantic, noisy, fizzy electro punk-tinged pop".

The group – fronted by Mitzi – have been together three years and have released two singles in the UK.

The first, Show Emotion was picked up by Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens who made it his record of the week.

The band have already howcased twice at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, to sold out crowds.

AVB have toured the UK three times so far, including festival slots and have also supported bands such as Florence And The Machine, The Futureheads, Juliette Lewis, The Hoosiers, Dirty Pretty Things, Twenty Twenty, Neon Trees, Ben’s Brother etc.

The band’s music was chosen as the title track on a global TV advertising campaign for Investec bank.

The band has also seen their music used in online campaigns for Karen Millen and River Island.

The four-piece is fiercely proud of their live performances.

And maybe that was one of the reasons they won the chance to play a gig at the House of Commons!

Earlier this week, singer Mitzi made some time to answer a couple of questions from the band’s van on its way to Cardiff.

Q Which one of the four of you is the most showbiz (ie wears the most outrageous clothes, peculiar tastes in alcohol, before-gig/post-gig rituals)?

Mitzi: Well I’ve just asked the rest of the band your question and it’s basically created a whole outburst directed towards me!

So I guess it’s me then!

I do have to admit I have a habit of being late at every opportunity, even when going on stage. The boys are usually worried if they start with the intro whether I’m going to make it on stage in time for the vocal part or not!

I quite often leave them outside waiting for me in the van while I finish my cup of tea and toast too! – but at least I don’t demand someone cut the crusts off. I’m not THAT showbiz.

We all fight for the mirror when it comes to doing our hair though, so I guess that makes us all a bit showbiz!

Q The year old 2012 is dragging itself across the snow to the edge of the cliff. What has been the highlight/ lowlight for the band and is there anything you want 2013 to bring you, hidden in its nappy?

M: We are very excited about next year. We have big plans with lots of international travel involved. And we will be heading back to America in March to play SXSW, but also this time doing a bit of a coastal tour – whether it’s east or west we’re not sure yet.

But either will do just fine!

We’re also releasing our debut album on February 15, so we’re busy recording that at the moment. It’s been a long time coming, but it will be worth it, we’re really looking forward to everyone hearing it!

Angry vs The Bear play Mad Hatters, Inverness, on Saturday.

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