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Netsounds Talk #3 - On Special Brew and Bogs

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Netsounds Unsigned - this time discussing Brew at the Bog and who you should listen to.

Writing an article on “ones to watch” at any festival is a challenge. But, when it’s Brew At The Bog it’s even harder. We are not going to gush and blow a large trumpet too much about Brew At The Bog, but it has to be said for their 3rd year they have nailed a pretty impressive line up.

Brew At The Bog (Saturday 3rd May) is actually a near perfect way to enjoy (first time or not) some of the best up-and-coming Scottish acts around today, including a few more established names for good measure.

Ooops, I think we may have gushed.

So, who should you go and see? To be fair there will be an opportunity to catch a slice of each and every act if you’re keen. Grab a piece of it all! However, on saying that and for the purpose of this article we are going to highlight some of our very own personal favourites.

So in no particular order (other than alphabetical):

Call To Mind: A band with their heart in the Highlands who create a sound that conjures up vast sonic space and landscapes dramatically captured on their recent debut album The Winter Is White. Expect epic-ness in The Barn.

Campfires In Winter: Wonderful bearded harmonies and one of the most highly regarded bands on the Scottish music scene right now. Captivating and raucous in one fuzzy bundle.

Casual Sex: Quite simply one of the finest bands we have seen or heard in the past 12-18 months. Their music holds an undeniable appeal that extends safely into the realm of music thirsty men and women alike.

Fake Major: Culprits of one of the most infectious songs from last year (Little Researcher). Beautifully crafted pop matched with infectious dual vocals. Songs (and hopefully a band) that have real staying power.

Lionel: Do not under any circumstances overlook these hometown boys from Inverness. They are, as good as any unsigned band in Scotland right now.

Randolph’s Leap: Quirky and brilliant vehicle for Adam Ross and his often multi-member combo. You will dance, you will sing and you will feel all the better for it.

Siobhan Wilson: A unique and truly accomplished singer songwriter. Her presence and voice can easily cast a spell across a large room with her delicate and passionate performance.

Tuff Love: Blindingly bright lo-fi guitar indie-pop. The Glasgow 3-piece released their Junk EP via Lost Map Records. Could easily be your soundtrack for this summer.

We could go on and other outstanding acts like Prides, Beerjacket, Kid Canaveral, Stanley Odd… you see how difficult this is!

Brew at the Bog is completely sold out. There’s some low-key fun on the Friday evening from 7pm and the gates open at 11:00am on Saturday for the main festival. See you down on the farm!

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