Published: 06/08/2014 12:00 - Updated: 06/08/2014 12:27

Netsounds Talk #9 - Netsounds PLAY More Like (Bella Podcast Special)

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Oh, those crazy kids over at Netsounds. They've been jumping up and down with excitement all summer for the Belladrum festival, and they just can't stop recommending bands to go and see. In this edition, they introduce their very special Bella-themed podcast for us! Take it away, chaps...

So, this edition of Netsounds Talks is more Netsounds Play than talk to be honest.

We've produced a special Mixtape to get you in the mood for Belladrum. Not just to get you in the mood but hopefully introduce you to, or remind you of some of the very fine under the radar acts playing at this year's Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival.

Belladrum is renowned for showcasing some of the finest emerging new acts and this year is no different. The challenge for us is that it makes choosing the tracks for our Mixtape that little more difficult.

So whilst you're getting your festival outfit together and trying to find the pegs and poles from the tent you so carefully stored away last summer, go and press play and have a listen to our 17 track Belladrum Mixtape.

Be sure to have a look at our #DiscoverBella page too and we’ll also be posting more videos from some of the acts on our facebook and twitter pages. 

Happy listening and see you at Bella!


00:02 Casual Sex – Stroh 80

03:48 brownbear – Dead or Alive

06:53 The Youth and Young – Our Fathers Wars

10:05 Randolph’s Leap – Isle of Love

14:15 Eleanor Nicolson – Slow Motion

15:47 Neon Waltz – Bare Wood Aisles

21:29 Our Future Glory – Manda Hill

25:34 Foreignfox – Blackout

30:36 Fat Goth – Class A

33:48 Garden of Elks – Yoop

37:06 Hector Bizerk – Orchestrate

41:28 Call to Mind – Breathe

44:12 Charlotte Brimner – Sunshine Mornings

47:32 Campfires in Winter – White Lights

51:57 Model Aeroplanes – Electricity

54:24 SchnarffSchnarff – Dirts

57:00 Dante – Son

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