Published: 23/07/2014 09:06 - Updated: 24/07/2014 17:07

Orchestra's Banff and Inverness dates

Chamber Philharmonia Cologne, The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne
The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne, a talented group of young musicians from the German city's University of Music, will be playing a concert in Banff Parish Church on Sunday, August 3.


THE Chamber Philharmonia Cologne (Germany) will perform classical light baroque concerts in Banff Parish Church on Sunday, August 3 (7.30pm) and Inverness St Mary's (7.30pm) on Wednesday, August 6.

It's the German ensemble's third visit to Banff.

Masters of performing in small indoor venues or outdoors, the musicians give around 300 concerts a year around the globe.

Founded in the German city famed for its university of music and its musical and instrumental teaching, the orchestra's musicians are drawn from an impressive pool of talent.

The Chamber Philharmonia Cologne has played concerts in New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland and many other countries, as well as at home in Germany, over the last year.

As well as Vivaldi’s Summer, the second of the concerti virtuosi is in E minor for bassoon strings and basso continuo with Javier Pocovi Antuna on bassoon and Christoph Jann on cello.

There will also be Sonata Number 3 in C major from Rossini’s La Tempeste di Mare, Sarasate’s Carmen Fantasy for violin and orchestra with soloist Sergey Didorenko and Mozart’s Concerto in B flat major featuring Javier Pocovi Antuna.

Tickets for the Banff concert can be obtained from the Visit Scotland information centres in Banff, Huntly and Fraserburgh or at the door on the night.

Tickets for the Inverness show are available from Inverness Tourist Information Centre or at on the door from 6.30pm on the evening of the performance.

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