Published: 27/02/2014 13:41 - Updated: 24/02/2014 13:57

Peter hopes home town will enjoy Casual Sex

Casual Sex
Casual Sex

WHEN it comes to the whole Casual Sex punchline, bassist Peter Masson enjoys making you wait till the last possible moment.

But there’s plenty to get excited about inbetween.

Though the four-piece Glasgow band boasting Inverness bassist Peter has been a long time returning to our city – their last gig here was in June last year, though they did Belladrum. But they’ve not been out live since November.

Writing for their album has taken up all their time, so maybe we shouldn’t feel snubbed.

Warming up last week for the Mad Hatters return with a gig in Paris, the band’s Highland gig will be the last before they leave for America.

They’ve been Stateside before with much success, but Peter is hoping the trip to Austin, Texas, for music convention South By South West will go slightly more smoothly this time.

For a start, it would be nice if Sam Smith, Edward Wood, Peter and Chris McCrory arrived with their instruments …

"We were there in America in October supporting Franz Ferdinand on the East Coast leg of the tour and we were playing our own show at the CMJ (College Media Journal)music convention.

"But our favourite airline had lost our instruments, so we had to hire some and by the time we got it sorted out we only had 20 minutes of our set left to play.

"But we managed to do it and our set got us into the Wall Street Journal top 10 gigs of the year alongside people like Paul McCartney.

"I thought it was a good set with a good crowd, though it was about three in the afternoon and we were just elated because we had got our instruments and had got through homeland security!

"We were about three and a half, four hours getting interviewed there, getting our fingerprints taken, just waiting to get approved to go through.

"I think by about that time I’d been awake for about 30 hours and I was thinking ‘Just please don’t send us back on that plane!’

"But it’s all part of the adventure and it’s just a process. But when you arrive and they’re taking mugshots and fingerprints, you do find yourself thinking ‘I hope this is going to turn out OK’

"And then there’s that moment when you’re speaking to the officials and they say ‘What is the name of your band?’ and you have to say "Casual Sex…’ and you’re thinking ‘Please don’t judge me when I say that’.

"But they just laughed. They were really cool."

Even the lost instruments turned up.

Peter said: "Some of them ended up in Atlantic City and we had to go to a warehouse in Brooklyn in the middle of the night to get them.

"But we’ve been touring for two or three years and up until recently we’ve been doing it by ourselves. Disaster seems to go hand in hand with the process – but when you get onstage, nothing else really seems to matter and it’s all worth it."

Peter isn’t the only bassist in the family – brother Andrew plays with Ardersier, now Glasgow-resident Call To Mind which brings out a long-awaited album in the next couple of months.

"I think it’s good that there’s a bit healthy bass rivalry! I went to see Call To Mind at the Oran Mor in Glasgow at Celtic Connections and it was really good and really busy in this big auditorium. The first thing I thought was ‘There’s more people than when we played here’," laughed Peter.

It seems that Peter chooses to try to take the real buzz from France to Canada about Casual Sex in his stride.

"You really don’t want to read your own press. Or you read it, you’re aware of it, but you don’t want to buy too much into it. Don’t get me wrong, we are incredibly grateful. Some of the press we’ve had in the UK and America has been amazing.

"But we’re still doing it all for the same reason we started out doing it."

And Peter’s looking forward to reconnecting with the home crowd: "Bring your friends and their friends and obviously everyone enjoys a bit of Casual Sex…"

Casual Sex supported by Inverness band Lionel play Mad Hatters next Thursday (March 6).

 For more about the band, on Twitter @CasualSexBand and on Facebook at

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