Published: 09/03/2014 19:11 - Updated: 09/03/2014 19:33

REVIEW: Casual Sex

Sam Smith (left) and Peter Masson. Picture: Roddy Mackenzie
Sam Smith (left) and Peter Masson. Picture: Roddy Mackenzie

IT’S hard to know just what’s so addictive about a CASUAL SEX set.

It was a packed room at Mad Hatters on Friday to see them before they headed to South By South West in Texas.

It’s quite subtle how we know they are being deadly serious – but tipping an ironic brim to the utter daftness of rock n roll too.

When he’s not drumming like Animal, Steve McCrory – with just a hint of make-up and the long Bobby Gillespie curtains of superclean shiny hair to hide behind – looks like a nubile top boy model making sulky faces for an invisible fashion photographer.

Bassist Peter Masson does a rock-solid bass, bordering on the dub for B***tard Beat and is probably one of the reasons not one song descends into a predictable chugga chugga grind.

They make it look so easy. frontman Sam Smith introduces the songs a bit like a circus ringmaster or – as he pointed out himself – a radio announcer like John Peel. He had a go: "This is a band from Glasgow played at the wrong speed from the B***tard Beat EP."

In the video for Nothing On Earth, Sam just has to do one big stride raising his leg high like a goose-step in his full-length sheepskin coat. You want to roll on the floor laughing – but it’s effortlessly cool too, the song opening in the set with sulky girl voices intoning "Daddy’s on time, daddy’s on time, everybody know that daddy’s on time!".It sounds like that has to be a sinister thing.

They reference everyone from Bryan Ferry to trawling out of the back of your mind the glam rock fizz of a Sweet classic - or so it seems to your bamboozled ears - in the set’s last official song, Soft School.

They sound like everyone from The Rapture to Mud’s Tiger Feet, Sam waggling his guitar all the time to bend the notes, Edward Wood supplying many kinds of guitar genius through the 13-song set. But really, they only sound like themselves.

Proper songs, retro but also of right now, the band's set is virtually all highlights – New Guts, We’re All Here Mainly For The Sex and finally a Walker Brothers' cover, The Shut Out, just to throw another diamond into the rough.

Casual Sex seem genetically incapable of doing the predictable. MC

Casual Sex - from left - Edward Wood, Sam Smith and Peter Masson. Picture: Roddy Mackenzie
Casual Sex - from left - Edward Wood, Sam Smith and Peter Masson. Picture: Roddy Mackenzie
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