Published: 19/02/2014 09:00 - Updated: 13/02/2014 10:01

Track Of The Week: Cryptic Keys - Warrior

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Cryptic Keys - just one of several great bands playing this weekend
Cryptic Keys - I'm refusing point blank to make an "unlocking" pun, they're getting so old now.

“Alright, What's On North, we're getting sick of you talking about Cryptic Keys,” I hear you cry. Well, shut it, they're one of the most interesting acoustic bands to come out of Inverness for ages, with their much vaunted melodies, harmonies and blah blah blah look they're just great, alright?

They have a new song out, and it's just fabulous – a stirring tribute to the troops. It's an impressive improvement on Jumping Trains, and the drums that kick in about the 1m 40s mark give the song an anthemic quality that really lifts it up. Also, the production is superb, and blah blah, look. All you need to know is that the song is just great, and you should listen to it RIGHT NOW.

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