Published: 18/06/2014 09:00 - Updated: 13/06/2014 10:55

Track Of The Week: Foster The People - Best Friend

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Foster The People
Foster The People - subtle as a brick. A extremely funky and brightly-coloured brick.

When it comes to indie-pop, Foster The People are always reliable for a good ol' bit of dance-friendly guitar-jangling. Yet at the same time there has always been a dark edge to them, as fans of their music videos can attest. The video for Houdini pretty much sets the benchmark – the dead members of the band being manipulated by people in green suits may not be the most subtle of imagery ever used, but it's still a striking one.

That lack of subtlety strikes again with their new song, Best Friend – I mean, it has a supermodel devouring other supermodels for heaven's sake. It's still unsettling though, and the disco-esque guitar riffs and funkadelic basslines create a wonderful sense of dissonance. The song's also great. Obviously. Otherwise we wouldn't be writing about it. Watch the video and have a listen.

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