Published: 16/04/2014 09:00 - Updated: 08/04/2014 14:32

Track Of The Week: Schnarff Schnarff - Fear

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Schnarff Schnarff
Schnarff Schnarff - tune. tune. (I hate myself)

Let's look at some local music from Glasgow. “But What's On North-” you may start, protesting that Glasgow is in no way part of the Highlands. However, for five-piece rockers Schnarff Schnarff (presumably named after Schnarff from Thundercats, and not just out of spite for spellcheckers up and down the kingdom), they're only based in Glasgow – they're all from our beloved Highland capital of Inverness. Deal with THAT.

Their debut EP is dropping on Saturday, and to celebrate this the band will be up in Inverness as part of the Ironworks' Easter Showcase. Fear is the debut single from it, and it's a great slice of rock music from a band who seem to be heading somewhere quite spectacular. Check it out, alright?

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