Published: 05/02/2014 09:00 - Updated: 03/02/2014 09:49

Track Of The Week: Seed Of Sorrow - Clown Puncher

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Seed Of Sorrow
Seed Of Sorrow - *chuggachuggachuggachugga* RAAAAAAAAGH

With the dust settling from the Eagle's Battle Of The Bands, after a month of musical toil by the participants, we have our winner – Seed Of Sorrow! The death-metal five-piece obliterated the competition to get that all-important grand prize of a music video, single and appearance in the National Battle Of The Bands.

The band's punishing brand of doom-laden riffs and angry-man vocals charmed the judges (well, perhaps charmed isn't the right word – rocked? Brutalised?) and, as we said in our now-historical preview, they were the most interesting band left in the competition - the pinnacle of a much underappreciated Highland metal scene that fully deserved their win.

Also, they had a song called Clown Puncher, which is the greatest name for a song ever and definitely swung it for them. Let's listen to it together, chaps. It's...well, the only way to describe it is “METAAAAAAL”. And it's quite fabulous.

(WARNING: naughty language in a song self-branded as death-metal. I know, the shocking moral liberalism of the 21st Century knows no barriers. Won't somebody please think of the children?!)

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