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Billy wrestles with comedy

Wrestling fan and stand up guy Billy Kirkwood.
Wrestling fan and stand up guy Billy Kirkwood.

On Sunday 2nd February, stand up comics and wrestling fans Billy Kirkwood and Chris Brooker bring their hit show celebrating wrestling I Am The Tag Team Champions from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe to Inverness on Sunday. Billy talks about that, his part in a new web series, tattoos and appearing at rock festivals.

How did the show come about?

Billy Kirkwood: Myself and Chris Brooker have been friends for quite some time and as life-long wrestling fans and comics constantly bombarding each other with wrestling gags, we really wanted to do a show. But we wondered if there was an audience for something considered that niche.

After touring with Mick Foley and supporting the likes of William Regal too we went  "right there's a crowd, we gotta do this". Wrestling fans have the greatest sense of humour of any fanbase I think and so I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS was born.

 You’ve done lots of different wrestling projects already, commentator etc and have supported wrestler/stand up Mick Foley among other wrestling-related roles. If you were to be allowed to be a world-class wrestler for one night in front of thousands, what would your entrance music be?

What would my music be? Wow EVERYONE has listened to music on their iPod and thought "I could come out to that". But it’s next to impossible, there's just soooo many. But if I had to pick one… I'm going for one, Thunderstruck by AC/DC, one of my faves.


 One of the latest things you are up to is being involved in a new web series called Cops And Monsters with a minisode called The Weapon to be ready soon to introduce it. You play a character with a fantastic title - The Cult Of Many Faces. Can you give people an idea what it's all about and how they can see you in it?

 I can't tell people too much. It was a lot of fun to work on, I enjoy acting and this was something a little different. All I can say is my character is the bad guy and not just any old bad guy but THE BAD GUY. He's in and out of the first series, but always around...he's just getting started.

 You've played a few of our festivals up north, Belladrum and also RockNess - you can still find a YouTube clip online of you introducing Tim Minchin in front of an absolutely rammed RockNess tent. But throughout the weekend, all the stand ups at the side of the comedy stage in the tent watching the act always look as if they are having almost more fun than anyone else in the place. What are the upsides/downsides of festival stand up?

 I love the festival gigs, it's just chaos - anything goes, so Ijust get fuelled by the excitement of it all and interacting with crowds.

I'm tea-total so perhaps I don't get as rough as some of the guys, but I'd say the only downside....lack of sleep...and the smell of balls in the car on the way home.

I Am The Tag Team Champions comedy show is at Hootanannys, Inverness, on Sunday.


Links for Billy Kirkwood: and and on Twitter: @billykirkwood

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