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Eden Court will be alive to the sound of Julie

Written byMargaret Chrystall

Sarah-Louise Young in a scene from 'Julie Madly Deeply'. Pic: Steve Ullathorne.
Sarah-Louise Young in a scene from 'Julie Madly Deeply'. Pic: Steve Ullathorne.

AWARD-WINNING singer and actress Sarah-Louise Young shares her love of Dame Julie Andrews with the audience at Eden Court this week.

Named by TimeOut as one of London's Top Ten cabaret performers and a former member of Fascinating Aida, who also apeared at Eden Court this month, in Julie Madly Deeply, Young combines songs from Dame Julie's hit musicals like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music with stories and anecdotes about the star's life.

Young told us why there is nothing like Dame Julie.

When did you first see Julie in action ?

Like many people I first just saw Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music. I am the youngest of five children and I couldn't believe there was another family bigger than mine out there.

I loved the movie but I never got to see the end of it until I was a grown up: my older brothers would never allow me to finish watching a musical if they could help it.

 What's your strongest memory of that performance and why do you think it stayed with you?

If I'm honest, at the time I felt the Baroness was more glamorous, but Julie's voice captured me. I loved singing as a little girl and found her very inspiring. 

  Have you ever met Julie or seen her perform live?

I saw her at the 02 Arena in 2010 after her voice loss. A lot of fans were disappointed and that is something we cover in our show. I was just thrilled to see her live and re-live all the old movies. I'd love to meet her in person. We always had in mind when we created the show that we would want her to approve of it if she came. 

  What's your favourite Julie moment  and Julie song?

I've always been a big Sondheim fan so when I discovered she had performed in Putting It Together off-Broadway I was really pleased. Singing Could I Leave You is one of my favourite parts of our show. Victor/Victoria and Star! are my favourites of her films,but the clips I go back to watch again and again are from her TV specials with Carole Burnet. People forget how funny Julie can be. 

 You have been called one of London's Top Ten cabaret performers by TimeOut - how has this changed your life or is it just one of those things that gives you a warm glow!?

I was proud to be honoured by both the city I love and call home and in a genre I have fought hard to get recognition for as an art form. 

  What's the oddest thing that happened to you as part of female satirists par excellence, Fascinating Aida, and do you have a favourite moment from your time with them?

I was very lucky to spend a year guesting with them whilst the wonderful Liza Pulman took a sabbatical.

We had a lot of fun on the road, but the happiest memories are on stage, making each other laugh and playing in front of packed audiences.

 I was a fan of their work for 22 years before joining them so it was a bit surreal at first, but we became instant friends and they we're extremely generous. I'm pleased we got to write together too. As for odd moments, we've met our fair share of interesting hotel guests at late night check-ins, but it wouldn't be right to mention them here. It'll all end up in a song one day! 

Julie Andrews is a performer everyone knows, probably from seeing her movies in their childhood. What is it that you think people love about her?

Christopher Plummer said when you are watching The Sound Of Music you're watching the real Julie Andrews up there. I think there is an honesty and natural vulnerability about her which she brings to her roles which people identify with. That and her incredible voice. 

Though, sadly, her voice isn't what it once was, what are the qualities of Julie Andrews' voice you most find yourself wrestling with in your performance - or maybe looking forward to trying to emulate?

I don't try to impersonate her. Nobody could. Her voice was unique.

But I am inspired to work on my diction as her clean, crisp delivery is what people expect. 

  Which of Poppins' powers would be most useful to you?

That carpet bag! We have to travel light on the road as we often have to catch up to four or five trains a day between venues. If I could fit in a few more pork pies and jars of chutney from all the great places we visit I'd be very pleased.

Julie Madly Deeply, starring Sarah-Louise Young, is at the OneTouch Theatre, eden Court, Inverness, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th March.

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