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Brumley banned from Elgin Centre

By SPP Reporter

Bring Back Brumly! Children, parents and others attending Elgin Community Centre want to see him back in the office
Bring Back Brumly! Children, parents and others attending Elgin Community Centre want to see him back in the office

A STRAY dog who melted the hearts of children and adults using Elgin Community Centre has been banned from the building.

Brumley, a tail wagging Golden Labrador, turned up at the centre several months ago in desperate need of care.

Staff took him to the town’s Brumley Brae kennels in the hope his owner would turn up to take him home. That day never came.

The friendly dog’s fortunes finally turned around when community centre leisure assistant Callan Clark decided to adopt him.

After receiving all his vaccinations and with the completion of a thorough risk assessment, Brumley became a regular and popular incumbent in the Trinity Road office. But last week Moray Council evicted the dog giving him one week’s notice to get out.

Reasons given for the decision are that he posed a problem for people with allergies, could cause anxiety and if one member of local authority staff could bring their pet to work, all others would have to be given that option.

And although Brumley has never harmed anyone, it is claimed he posed a bite risk simply because he is a dog. Sarah Stewart, whose two year old daughter Andie attends the Baby Bop group at the community centre, said: "Brumley has been here as long as we’ve been coming to Bop.

"He’s just so friendly. My friend’s little boy goes to the VIP group and he came in looking for him and he’s just gutted.

"I don’t think the council have warmed themselves to the community or shown community spirit.

"Brumley had all the checks done before he came. I never heard him bark, and that can happen if a dog is surrounded by a lot of kids, but he didn’t get flustered at all.

"This is very unnecessary."

A spokesman for the local authority said there was a rule that staff are not allowed to take pets into the workplace, with the exception of assistance dogs.

He added: "However, Brumley has become very popular with centre users of all ages, particularly given the circumstances of his arrival, and it has been agreed that he can visit by arrangement to meet all his admirers."

See this week's edition of the Northern Scot for the full story.

What do you think? Should Brumley be allowed back full-time to the office at Elgin Community Centre? Send your thoughts to newsdesk@northern-scot.co.uk

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