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Investigations ongoing after "unexplained losses" at Elgin Golf Club

By Jonathan Clark

ELGIN Golf Club has initiated a police enquiry after making "unexplained losses" in 2018.

Elgin Golf Club has uncovered financial irregularities.
Picture: Daniel Forsyth.
Elgin Golf Club has uncovered financial irregularities. Picture: Daniel Forsyth.

The club confirmed this week a police investigation was launched on November 7 after "many irregularities" were found in the administrative and book-keeping systems.

In a report, presented to club members at an AGM last night, it was said the irregularities came to light after the departure of a previous manager.

It added it is also likely information presented to accountants in previous years was lacking credibility.

The club has sought legal advice, instigated an insurance claim and launched a forensic audit which will cover the period from April 2016 to the present day.

Elgin Golf Club captain Marian Evans told the Northern Scot: "The investigation came about because of unexplained losses in 2018.

"We had auditors in and they saw irregularities. We then took advice from lawyers and from our insurance company.

"There is a police enquiry and forensic audit ongoing. Once all investigations are complete, I will present a full statement of the financial position to members."

Ms Evans, who is half way through her two year term as club captain, added: "The sooner the wheels of the authority can turn the better.

"I want to be able to go to our members and provide them with the full financial position. I will then hold an EGM, probably in the first half of 2020."

Ms Evans is keen to ensure the 1000-strong membership there will be no threat to the future of the club.

She added: "As far as Elgin Golf Club is concerned, this is a bump in the road.

"The club is here to stay for a long time and we will continue functioning as normal while these things go on in the background.

"Right now we are looking forward to a busy season and many busy seasons to come.

"I hope this won't influence golfers in the short term. Golf is what we are focused on.

"My message to members is it's business as usual. We would like to reassure members things are in hand."

The club makes the majority of its money through membership fees but group bookings from the RAF Golf Society, the Speyside Golf Festival and the Loretto Scottish Girls contributed close to £5000 to the funds this year.

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