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Psychic medium Dominic Boag set for Elgin show

By Ewan Malcolm

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THE UK's youngest psychic medium will appear in Elgin for the first time on November 21.

Dominic Boag started conducting readings when he was 16.
Dominic Boag started conducting readings when he was 16.

Dominic Boag will take 'Whispers from Heaven' to the Mansion House Hotel as part of his new UK tour.

"We've never taken any of our shows to Elgin before so we're excited to do that," he said.

"The show can be quite funny. There can be some great memories there and obviously some tears as well but it's all about bringing comfort. That's what 'Whispers from Heaven' is really about and helping people move forward after a dark couple of years."

As a psychic medium, Dominic claims to be able to speak to the spirits of people who have passed away. That claim has drawn a fair amount of scepticism from some people but Dominic has encouraged anybody to come along for his show.

"I'd encourage people who are sceptical to come along with an open mind. There's not going to be any chandeliers swinging about or anything like that. Just allow the show to give you reason to walk away wondering.

"Come along and see it for yourself because seeing is believing. I'm not a robot and it's not doom and gloom. I'm young and I'm coming from a modern swing of things. I just try to bring a down to earth personal connection to people.

"If I'm able to provide comfort to those people who are maybe still grieving then job done for me."

The Glasgow born psychic started conducting readings at 16 after the passing of his dad. After being diagnosed with a rare sight condition that ended his hope's of becoming a police officer, Dominic turned to a career in mediumship.

"I've actually only got 25% of my vision so there was no way I was going to be a police officer," he said.

"That's when things got clearer for me. As the old saying goes, you lose one sense and gain another. I can hear the spirit much more clearer even down to their accent, their mannerisms or even spirits who don't actually speak English. I've been able to give some great details to people sitting in the audience."

Now 29, Dominic has forged a career that has taken him across the world. He splits his time between the UK and the USA and has gone from one week stints in America to six month stays.

Dominic has promised that his detail-orientated approach to mediumship will leave Elgin locals satisfied with the show.

"I try to be very specific with my mediumship," he said.

"I don't have time to be generic. I want to provide the goods because it's such a cliché, people claiming to talk to dead people. I don't claim, I want to give specific details rather than pointing out a grey haired granny with an apron on - you know we could all relate to something like that so I want to get details and specifics for people to make it worthwhile."

Those interested in attending can find more information here.

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