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YOUR VIEWS: Seagulls in Moray

By Alistair Whitfield

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Heaps of people have contacted us following the publication of this story: Gull 'menace' has to be tackled

Seagulls are dividing local opinion. Picture: Daniel Forsyth.
Seagulls are dividing local opinion. Picture: Daniel Forsyth.

The majority of folk appear to want a cull.

But that's certainly not a unanimous view.

Here's a selection of the views that were emailed in.

Sonia Palmer from Elgin wrote: "I have not had a whole night's sleep for four months.

"Meanwhile, my elderly neighbours are frightened to go outside.

"There's noise at 2am, 3am, 4am in the morning.

"The gulls are swooping down.

"There's mess over cars and drives.

"Then there's the thumping on our roof.

"I still have to work in the mornings, pay community tax and site fees as I live in the Ashgrove area .

"They are not seagulls they are urban gulls."

Moira McPherson from Elgin wrote: "I totally agree that Moray Council will have to do more to rid the population of this problem.

"I have never seen Elgin in such a state.

"All the shop windows up in the shopping centre are covered in the gulls droppings, people’s cars all over Moray are covered in their droppings, and also their screeching at all hours is keeping folk awake.

"I think a total cull is required.

"Also, if you try to get in touch with the council to complain about it no one will answer the phone, as they are all working from home and hoping someone else answers it.

"It’s time they all returned to work and sorted out these problems.

"Or maybe it’s time people withheld their council tax payments until these issues are solved."

Donald Fletcher from Lossiemouth wrote: "The seagulls are just as bad here in Lossiemouth.

"There has to be a cull. It's the only way to keep them down."

John Luckwell from Mosstodloch wrote: " I understand that some people may be intimidated by the gulls but I'm thoroughly sick of them being castigated when it's US humans that have brought this upon ourselves.

"Most of the gulls we have in our midst are herring gulls and they are here because we feed them by leaving so much rubbish, including uneaten food.

"They can hardly be blamed for clearing up after us.

"Take a wee look around any fast-food outlet and you'll see what I mean.

"Secondly, if we didn't have the gulls, we might have other less desirable rodents running around.

"We are so arrogant in believing that our lives are so much more important than the creatures we share this planet with.

"As for reducing their numbers ... really?

"If you take a bucketful of water out of the sea, does the level drop noticeably?

"Killing even a few thousand gulls will make a negligible difference in their presence.

"Please, let's just 'get along' with nature and get rid of our superiority complex."

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