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The green hoist and golden garb (wheat sheaf) recall the rich agricultural output of the county, whilst the wavy blue and green reference the sea and sand of the coast. This coastal meaning in turn represents the origin of the name Moray itself, coming from the Gaelic or Pictish indicating a connection with the sea.

The central golden colour recalls the agriculture of the area as well as the whisky industry, which is further referenced by the whisky pegoda which can be seen abundantly in this Speyside county. The zig zag shape, together with the deep red-purple and sky blue colours recall the hills that surround the inland borders of the county.

The salmon represents both the in-land waterways such as the River Spey, but also the maritime fishing industry and the wider Moray Firth. The salmon is also considered an animal important for its wisdom to the Picts, which refers to the richness of ancient sites across Moray.

This flag features the traditional stars associated with Moray as used by the ancient earldom and the former civic arms. These stars are placed on a background of dark blue and orange. The blue also reflecting the heraldic traditions of the area, but the dark shade with the stars reflecting the noted dark skies of the region. The wavy line and orange colour recall the River Spey and the famous whisky region that bears its name.

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