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Looking for a new way to stay fit in Moray? Pole fitness has you covered

By Jodie Mackay

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MORAY women seeking to become stronger and gain body confidence have been boosted by new pole fitness classes.

Pole fitness classes take place at Moray Sports Centre are taking place three times a week.
Pole fitness classes take place at Moray Sports Centre are taking place three times a week.

The classes, taking place at Moray Sports Centre three times a week, provide women with a safe environment to learn a new skill and help them learn to love their bodies.

The passion the instructor – who asked not to be named – has for pole fitness began eight years ago when she started to feel bored with her usual gym routine.

After starting pole fitness, she quickly began to notice changes in her body as well as her confidence.

“It made me feel totally different, unlike anything I’d ever done before,” she said. “At first I couldn’t do anything on the pole, I was really unfit, but when I was there I felt amazing.

“I have depression myself so I find that it lifts me up, it makes you feel amazing and alive and you become so strong.”

Women taking the classes have also been uplifted by pole fitness, and have praised it for adding structure to their lives as well as helping their bodies.

Regular attendee, Melanie Foley, said: “It has given me a lot more confidence in myself and strength that I didn’t know I had. I’ve been able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do.

Melanie Foley, one of the women who is taking part in the classes.
Melanie Foley, one of the women who is taking part in the classes.

“I’ve got Crohn's disease and I struggle some days, but knowing I’ve got my pole class every week gives me to get up and go.”

Another attendee, Natalie Lester said: “It helps tone up my flabby bits. It gives me more strength.”

The instructor of the class acknowledges that people may have pre-made conceptions of pole dancing, but hopes that people can challenge these judgements.

“I've learned that the stigma will never go away, but what I'd urge them to do is come and try it for themselves and find that it's not what they may think.

"I would encourage them to let all the judgements go. They might just surprise themselves with what their bodies can do.

“Pole teaches you to love your body for what it can do rather than what it looks like.”

Lately, pole fitness has been one of the most popular classes at Moray Sports Centre with many people wanting to get involved.

Moray Sport’s Centre’s, Dylan Harvey, said: “It’s definitely something different and it's one of our busier classes.

“People are always phoning up and checking weeks in advance, they are actually requesting workshops on the weekend for this particular class.”

Classes run on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There is a beginner/intermediate class running from 7.15pm until 8.15pm on Wednesdays followed immediately by a mixed ability class between 8.15pm and 9pm.

Saturdays classes are from 1pm until 2pm and is for mixed ability. For more information call Moray Sports Centre on 01343 610670.

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