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North-east festival and communities to feature in new Sir David Jason BBC series

By Kyle Ritchie

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Portsoy's Scottish Traditional Boat Festival and other areas of the north-east are set to feature in a new BBC TV show featuring Sir David Jason.

David & Jay's Touring Toolshed will see him and Jay Blades hit the road to help members of the public, professional makers and enthusiasts take their crafts to the next level.

It will begin on Monday evening at 6.30pm on BBC 2 and will be screened for the next three weeks.

David & Jay's Touring Toolshed will feature the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival.
David & Jay's Touring Toolshed will feature the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival.

It will show a lesser-known side to one of TV’s best-loved faces, as Sir David Jason reveals his life-long passion for creating and fixing things.

In the programme, David and Jay park up their toolshed at the UK’s air shows, steam rallies, county fairs and vintage festivals, to meet some of the UK’s most talented crafters, makers and tinkerers – as well as people who could use a little help.

Each episode will see the duo attend a craft, hobby or engineering fair, meet enthusiasts, tinkerers and crafters and call in some talented experts to help fix their problem projects.

They will also be heading out into the surrounding areas to meet the people whose hobbies have taken over their whole life.

The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival and Cullen will feature in the third episode which will be screened on Wednesday evening after the pair filmed in the north-east last summer.

The episode synopsis outlines: "David and Jay arrive in the fishing village of Portsoy in north east Scotland, where they are visiting the Scottish Traditional Boat Show.

"Retired doctor Becky shares her passion for basket weaving. Becky reveals that she would love to learn how to improve her baskets, and David and Jay introduce her to expert basket maker Helen.

"They work together to troubleshoot the cause of Becky’s basket making woes and fix some bad habits.

"Meanwhile, David and Jay head to the harbour to meet with a local rowing group who want to share their boat that they have made.

"And finally, the pair head to the nearby village of Cullen to meet Craig, a traditional cooper.

"He chats about his craft and demonstrates how a barrel is made – before Jay is challenged to have a go himself."

Cullen will also feature in episode eight along with Fraserburgh, which will be screened on Wednesday, January 31.

The episode synopsis says: "David Jason and Jay Blades are in north east Scotland to meet and help talented and struggling tinkerers.

"First, they travel to the home of Rupert and Karen, who have lovingly made their own miniature railway around their garden near Fraserburgh.

"They explain that they would like to create an accessible wheelchair-friendly carriage for the train. Expert Roger is keen to help them.

Next, David and Jay park up beneath the Cullen viaduct, where they meet with talented local potter AJ Simpson, who has come to teach them some pottery skills.

"Together, they embark on a fun pottery crash course and attempt to make caricature pinch pots.

"Finally, the pair meet with father and son Derek and Oliver, who want to show off their extraordinary lockdown project – the 200ft long Cullen Tapestry."

The north-east will also be showcased in episode 12, which will be screened on Tuesday, February 6.

The synopsis outlines: "Sir David Jason and Jay Blades are in the stunning north-east coast of Scotland to meet with talented tinkerers.

"Their first guest is Caorann, an engineer who loves surfing so much that he makes his own surfboards. David and Jay introduce Caorann to Eben Rautenbach, a professional pyrographer who is thrilled to be able to help Caorann learn the art.

"Next, David and Jay head to the Portsoy fishing village to meet with Ali Beedie, an expert boat builder who wants to show them around his restored boat, the Reaper. They learn about its history and what is involved with restoring a boat of its kind.

"Afterwards, back at the toolshed, David and Jay meet with Michael and Maria, who present an impressive collection of automata which they have lovingly collected and restored. David is delighted, as he is passionate about automata and excited to learn about this rare collection."

The area will also feature in episode 15 which is the final one of the series.

The synopsis states: "Sir David Jason and Jay Blades have brought the Touring Toolshed to the stunning north-east coast of Scotland to meet with talented tinkerers.

"Their first guests are friends from the local Men’s Shed, John and Jimmy, who have brought a small boat with an engine they would like help with. David and Jay introduce them to engine expert Allan Robinson, who is keen to help them with the engine.

"Meanwhile, David and Jay head off to meet local kiltmaker Andrea to learn all about the traditional craft of kiltmaking and the history behind it.

"Finally, David and Jay visit David’s house, where he has invited Jay to see one of his own creations. David reveals his mechanical toy called ‘Marvo the Mystic’ to Jay, who is amazed by the skill involved."

All episodes of the series can also be viewed on BBC iPlayer now.

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