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Outrage over 'ridiculous' spate of alleged spikings in Elgin, amid needle attack worries

By Lewis McBlane

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ELGIN women have spoken out about alleged spiking incidents in the town on the last two Saturday nights, including a Moray mum who says she was attacked with a needle.

Paramedics have confirmed that a woman was taken to Dr Gray's...Picture: Daniel Forsyth
Paramedics have confirmed that a woman was taken to Dr Gray's...Picture: Daniel Forsyth

Multiple spiking reports in Elgin have left the public shocked, as police confirmed they are still investigating and paramedics confirmed that a woman had to be taken to hospital.

Up to four women are thought to have been spiked in Elgin last weekend.

Emma Craig (19) was at Joanna’s Nightclub on the night of July 2.

She said: “I was spiked at around 10.30pm.

“Afterwards, I remember lying on the bathroom floor in Jo’s spewing and the bouncer saying: ‘You need to get out, we can’t have this.’

“I felt hands helping me up and then I was getting dragged through Jo’s. I am embarrassed even thinking about it.

“Then I was just left outside with my girlfriend trying to hold me up at the taxi rank.

“After that, it was a blur. I woke up in bed fully clothed the next day and still felt ‘drunk’ with the worst hangover feeling ever.

“I must admit, it has definitely put me off going out. I’m pretty sure something was put in my drink as I checked for injection marks but couldn’t see any.

“It is definitely time for change, it has happened too much now and it is ridiculous.”

In response to the reports, a Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers in Elgin have received two reports of potential spiking, which were believed to have taken place on the evening of Saturday, July 2, 2022.

“No criminality was established in one of the cases and suitable advice was provided, whilst enquiries remain ongoing into the second report.”

Emma’s testimony echoes a Facebook post by an Elgin mum, who suspects she was spiked by injection the Saturday before the latest reports (June 25).

The public post, with hundreds of comments and reactions, said: “I was out on Saturday in Elgin with a fabulous bunch of quines, it was a cracking night.

“But I woke up on Sunday with what I thought was an insect bite on my upper thigh.

“After seeking medical advice today, it’s been confirmed it was in fact an injection wound.

“I was advised to report it, so police have been informed, and we checked the dress I was wearing and sure enough there is a hole that matches where I was jabbed.

“They are taking it very seriously, so apologies if it brings the police to the pubs I frequented that day.”

After the incident, a Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police received a report of a possible spiking incident at a premises in Elgin on Saturday, 25 June, 2022.

“Enquiries were carried out and no criminality was established.”

The Scottish Ambulance Service has confirmed it was called out to incidents in Elgin involving young women on the night of July 2.

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We received two calls to attend incidents in Elgin on July 2.

“In the first call, we dispatched a Paramedic Response Unit and an ambulance, treating one female patient in her 20s at the scene.

“In the second call, we dispatched one ambulance and transported one female patient in her 20s to Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin.”

The Moray Alcohol and Drug Partnership has published the following advice to deal with spiking:

“The biggest responsibility lies with anyone thinking about spiking not to do it.

“Don’t let somebody leave the venue alone or with anyone you don’t trust after being spiked. Only accept help from people with the victim’s best interests at heart.”

Click here for more advice about what to do if you suspect you or a friend have been spiked.

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