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VIDEO: Police Superintendent provides update on murder of Elgin woman Kiesha Donaghy

By Jonathan Clark

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POLICE investigating the death of Elgin mother-of-two Kiesha Donaghy have provided an insight into inquiries.

Kiesha Donaghy (32) was found dead at a property on Anderson Drive, in the New Elgin area, on November 17, having been murdered. She was last seen the day prior (November 16).

Detective Superintendent Lorna Ferguson spoke to media at Bucksburn Police Station, in Aberdeen, this morning.

Detective Superintendent Lorna Ferguson. Picture; David Porter
Detective Superintendent Lorna Ferguson. Picture; David Porter

Watch below as she acknowledges the 'significant impact' the murder has had on Elgin, before reissuing an appeal for witnesses.

DS Ferguson then took questions from the media. She confirmed there was a violent nature to Kiesha's death but said there is no suspect at present.

She added that a team of 40 officers are working on the case to ensure the culprit is brought to justice.

MORE: Flowers laid and tributes paid to Kiesha Donaghy

The scene of the murder in New Elgin, where flowers have been laid..Picture: Beth Taylor.
The scene of the murder in New Elgin, where flowers have been laid..Picture: Beth Taylor.

The briefing in full

(Questions were asked by an array of media organisations and not necessarily The Northern Scot)

Question: Do you think Kiesha knew her killer?

DS Ferguson: That's impossible to tell just now. The investigation is progressing and that is what we need to establish.

Question: We keep hearing that... Kiesha... had built up a drug debt. Is that something that you are looking at?

DS Ferguson: Again, we can't rule that out. We need to basically look at Kiesha's lifestyle, who her friends and associates are and build up a picture around her associations and activities in the lead-up to her death.

Question: Was it the Wednesday that she was last seen?

DS Ferguson: As far as we can establish. We have obviously traced a number of witnesses as part of the investigation so far, and the last sighting that we know of is on the Wednesday.

Question: In terms of family?

DS Ferguson: Her mum is her next of kin, and she resides in the Elgin area. We know that she's got two children as well.

Question: What sort of picture have you been able to paint of her life over the past few days from the conversations you have had with loved ones and neighbours?

DS Ferguson: Kiesha's a popular girl, loved by her friends and family. She has got her family in Elgin, and she has got lots of friends who are clearly concerned about her and devastated about her death.

Question: She was obviously discovered after 7 o'clock in the evening. Obviously, that is during social hours. Have neighbours been able to give you an idea as to what was going on in the area in the hours before she was discovered?

DS Ferguson: As part of our investigation, we have spoken to neighbours who have been extremely helpful and furnished us with information that we are progressing as part of the investigation.

Question: Is there a suspect yet?

DS Ferguson: I don't have a suspect at the minute, but we have got a dedicated team working on this. I've got over 40 officers working on Elgin from major crime investigation, local CID and local policing. So, extensive team work. A thorough investigation has been carried out.

Question: Obviously, post-mortem led to the belief murder. Can you tell us anything about injuries, anything like that?

DS Ferguson: I can't go into all the injuries, but I can tell you it was quite a violent attack.

Question: Is there an understanding that a weapon was used?

DS Ferguson: Again, it's impossible to tell.

Question: Is there anything to say about her injuries?

DS Ferguson: She has sustained a violent attack, but as to the actual weapon that was used, I'm unable to establish what that may be at this point in time. We have clearly got forensic work still ongoing at the locus, and that will continue over the coming days and things will become clearer.

Question: And was that head injuries mainly?

DS Ferguson: Mainly, yes.

Question: How are you reassuring the local community that this person won't strike again?

DS Ferguson: There are obviously real concerns in the community, and I can understand that. Through our local policing teams and through work with Aberdeen Division, we have got uniformed officers who are carrying out reassurance patrols in the town of Elgin. Any concerns that anyone has, please get in touch. It is an unusual incident. I've got no information to suggest that anybody else is at risk, but again, I'll remain open-minded on that.

Question: Kiesha's lifestyle has a link to a previous drug death in Elgin. Do you think there's any connection in this case?

DS Ferguson: We are aware that her partner previously died, but again, I'm not going to go into circumstances of that, but there's certainly no known link to that that I'm aware of.

Question: Was anything taken from the flat?

DS Ferguson: Again, no. Not that I'm aware of, but again, that'll come out in the fullness of time through the investigation.

Question: What would you say to the killer who's out there?

DS Ferguson: I would say that somebody somewhere knows who you are, and anybody with information, please contact us.

Question: I suppose it kind of goes without saying, but you have got to catch them?

DS Ferguson: The aim is to catch them sooner rather than later. Absolutely. We have got a thorough investigation ongoing. I've absolutely no doubt that, in the fullness of time, through witnesses, CCTV, and other means, through specialist resourcing that we have, that we will catch them.

Question: And are locals kind of shocked?

DS Ferguson: We are getting a sense that there's a fear and shock. Elgin's a small, tight-knit community. Thankfully, this doesn't happen often, and it will have a significant impact on the people, but again, I offer them that reassurance and all hope that this is a contained incident and we will catch the person that's responsible.

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